Friday, November 14, 2008

The One with the Giant Poking Device

Eight days is a long time. My hide-and-seek skills are going to suffer. By the time papa gets home late Sunday night, I'll be lucky if I remember his best hiding places!! :: sigh ::

He called yesterday just after dinner. He got back to the ranch early so when he called mom was wide awake for a change! He said he saw a MOOSE. I'd love to see a moose. Even more exciting, they have DOGS at the ranch - four. He didn't take pictures of either but did send these pictures he took while hiking yesterday. It sure looks cold there!

He's impressed with the ranch. The food is great - they have a different pie each night. I've never had pie but Cali said she once ate an entire apple pie when she was a puppy and loved it. He also said that the beds are comfortable. Without papa, the food here barely passes for food but our beds are comfortable! Especially since I sleep on mom's bed almost all night while he's gone. I think I've mentioned that before but it bears repeating.

Otherwise, things here are quiet, as you can see. (Don't watch too closely - you'll get motion sick the way mom films!)

Mom has been working and SLOWLY chipping away at her to do list. Now that the clock is ticking, she'll probably get more accomplished. She seems to prefer cramming everything in to one or two days instead of spreading her tasks out over a reasonable amount of time. Something about working better under pressure.

Ginger is hanging in there. Unfortunately, she'll be miserable tomorrow. It's supposed to rain all day. She hates getting wet. You won't believe this but she has a rain coat! I'll try to get a picture, which will surely get a chuckle or two. Mom pulled a tick off of her this morning. We're overrun with ticks this year. Hopefully the colder weather will slow them down.

Cali, Phoenix and I played in the small wooded area at the back of the yard. Mom sat on a rock under the trees and watched us. We're usually not allowed back there - ticks, thorns, deer urine (my favorite) - but I think we just wore her down finally. I tried to hide it, as to not prove her right, but I think a tree branch caught me on the eye. There's some discharge and I guess it's getting swollen and red. Mom put some ointment on it, despite my attempts to redirect the ointment anywhere but my eye. It's looking worse but hopefully it's better by morning because I sure hate that stuff.

She's out to dinner with the self-professed Crazy Cat Lady down the street. Her husband is in Montana with papa. While she's gone, I think I'll go rub as much of this ointment out as I can. Until next time... Monkey, signing off.




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