Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The One at the Beach

Well, I've been busy these last few days. The deer have been through a lot lately so we've all been taking turns rolling in what mom refers to as "the stink." Despite the numerous baths, I do love fall!! Still no luck with the squirrel though. He knows my tricks so only plays near the fence line for a quick escape.

This weekend the two-leggers went on the Skyline Drive hike, as promised, but were a little disappointed by the view. There was a haze in the air but they took a picture for me anyway.
The second picture is Main Street - a real metropolis!

Papa also snapped
one of the gas station on the corner. Aunt Katie asked for a picture. I guess she thinks we're fibbing about gas being under $2! Today gas was down to $1.97 on the other side of town. Papa thinks it will be interesting to see how the prices change now that the election is over.

He's in California tonight. Mom said he's on his way to the beach to catch up on paperwork. Ginger and Cali have been to the beach a few times. They had a blast. These were from 2004, a year before I was born. They had a fancy beach tent set up but spent the days between mom and papa under this makeshift umbrella, while the tent sat empty. Hehe... This was a few months before Ginger's eye surgery. Poor thing. It sure looks like it was painful.

This one is really old - 1999! It's from before Cali was even born! Ginger just turned two. Doesn't she look small? She and papa look so young! This was on the way home from Thanksgiving in Nalcrest with MáMá and PáPá. On the drive back to Virginia, Ginger asked for a quick visit to the beach in Daytona.
They were allowed to drive the car on the beach but eventually got kicked off because, although car fluids are acceptable, dog fluids are a big no-no in Daytona! No dogs allowed on the deserted beach! Ginger had the last laugh though because she had already played in the water and on the sand when the beach fuzz showed up.

Oh, well, enough reminiscing for today. P
apa just called to show us the beach via his webcam. Isn't that cool?




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